Monday, April 12, 2010

You, on Vacation

Before I start making our summer plans and dusting off our passports, I wanted to open up a new theme and create a new label for Chickenblog: Postcards. What it will be is... a snapshot of you, or something you saw, from your vacation or travels, even if it's from a staycation.

Why? You maybe asking. Or, you may be going back to your Google search, because you didn't find a "chicken yodel Easter card" here, and you never will, so do please move along.

Why, is because someone sent me a digital postcard from her vacation and I absolutely love it. On her blog she posted about heading to Hawaii. I love Hawaii. I miss Hawaii. And I practically highjacked her comments page with my rambling Hawaii nostalgia, including a li hing mui shave ice craving. Some blogs I can comment on and be practically anonymous, because I am one rambling-nonsensical voice among hundreds of brilliant and relevant voices. As I am easily amused, I comment anyway, but evidently sometimes I get through.

Where was I?


Okay, so, I was thinking it would be great fun to get more digital postcards like the one Bitter Betty sent me, when I was fantasizing on her vacation.

She got the li hing mui shave ice! And she sent a picture. Isn't this awesome? Yes, she is. And I just about fainted from amusement, and then from envy. Ah, Bethany. This was about the coolest thing ever. And inspiring too.

So. Going some place? Want to make me faint from amusement, and/or envy? Want to answer a few questions and then have your postcard and interview posted here on Chcikennblog Chickenblog?

Hmmm. Maybe I am only a rambling-nonsensical voice, but honestly, I hope someone thinks this could be fun, and wants to give it a try. I would love to see where you are heading this weekend, this summer. Will there be chickens? Are you going some place new? Do you take pictures of yourself? Is this the same ol trip you always make? Would you like me to think up an assignment for you? Give us your best shot!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sun Day

Hey, before the sun goes down, rush over to The Owl Box and see what's hatching... it's a live peek at a barn owl and her hatching chicks. It's amazing.

My own chicks had a little fun of their own before the sun set.

Happy Sunday.

Happy sun day.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big News Day
A picture is worth a thousand words... here are at least thirty-four thousand words for 2102 Team Paradox, San Dieguito Academy, and NBC News in the Morning.

Go Robotics!



































Thank you Spencer and Nicole!!!
Thank you NBC!!! Thank you FIRST!!!
Thank you Team San Diego!!! Thank you SDA!!!
Thank you teachers, parents, and mentors!!!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paradox Colors

Come on! I want to share how it's done.

Let's go to a FRC :: FIRST Regional Competition!

But, first we have to get ready...

2102 Team Paradox is a robotics club.
The club mentors teams in FIRST.
The club mentors teams in FIRST LEGO League.

The club gets girls involved in FIRST.
The club builds a robot for competition in FRC.
The club teaches new members how to use SoildWorks, so that design ideas can be real plans for the metal shop members of the club. The club makes parts for their robot and assembles the robot.

The club wires and programs the robot.

The club tests and prototypes, and fixes what does not work.
The club finds sponsors... awesome sponsors!

The club creates original art for buttons, T-shirts and banners.
The club makes their own buttons, silk screens their own T-shirts.
The club designs and hand sews plushies... stuffed Parrot-Oxen that we share as alliance building gifts at competition.

Now, mentors and teachers... after work, can you please come to the metal shop, to the photo-class? The club needs you to supervise, guide, trouble-shoot, get dirty, get out of the way, jump-in, program, design, teach, learn, laugh, wear red pants, keep us on track for build and marketing, and stay until 10 PM 11pm 12 Am through April?!

Parents. Ready? The club needs you to pretend you have about fifty hungry teenage children. Keep them fed, healthy, and on track. The club needs rides, and support, and encouragement. The club needs your faith that what is happening is the real deal... prestigious, educational, life altering... the chance of a lifetime to be recognized by the best schools, corporations and thinkers in the world. Help us be 2102 Team Paradox, good students, fulfilled and happy. And get ready to stand up and cheer... every. single. time. all. day. for. everybody. Seriously.

Crate that robot.
Pack those pom-poms.
Grades up!
Permission slips in.
Rides for all.
Lots of food packed.
Tools in the trunk.
Forms turned in.
Uniforms on.

So, we are in the arena.
There are 49 teams here. Half of the arena is for the 10'x10' pits for each team, and the other half for the fans and the game field. Take the robot through its tune-up and inspection.

Make fixes. Talk to judges. Assist other teams. Wear those goggles. Be gracious. Be professional. Be safe. Inspire Engineering!

Meet the teams. Build alliances. This is a competition and an event... an opportunity to learn and grow, to make friends, to celebrate business, art, math, science, and the sport of making the world take notice of the best and brightest students.

Time to show our spirit, and this means sportsmanship that blows away anything in diplomacy and fun that you have ever witnessed in your life, so get up and dance. Shout!

FIRST NOW, sleep later.

2102 Team Paradox Cheers

We are proud of you
Say, we are proud of you!

What time is it?! Midnight!

When I say "Parrot," you say "Ox!"
Parrot! Ox!

Cue the "Chicken Dance" and we get funky with it...
I don't wanna be a parrot (flap wings)
I don't wanna be an ox (show your horns)
So I shake my butt 2-1-0-2 (shake it Paradox!)

Wake up the arena:
We've got spirit, yes we do.
We've got spirit, how 'bout you?!

Go robotics! GO ROBOTICS!

Now you see what I'm talkin' about.

Your support and encouragement are fuel for our souls. The good things transpiring have energized me, brought me to tears of joy, and redoubled my determination to never give up, never surrender!

I have learned from our Foundation that earmarking donations for "Academic Council-Robotics" is very important and this is done in the PayPal section. Checks work too! These can be sent to me (email me for details) or directly to the Foundation.

Please make checks payable to SDAF-Robotics and mail directly:
P.O. Box 235109
Encinitas, CA 92024

It don't matter if you're young or old...
Now walk it by yourself...

If Maria can dance, and cheer for sixteen hours over two days, and pass out four hundred Paradox chocolate eggs, you can show spirit too!

GO Robotics!

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