Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, and that's when I'm awake. There was the sick and haggard phase, with profuse vomiting and nausea. And then there was the long, dragging return to semi-normalcy, but still with some nausea phase. This was followed by the persistent cough, achy and tired phase. And now I have reached the notably pathetic, gasping for breath, ready to pop, Sloth Woman phase. Please, I'm not looking for your sympathy (yea, I am.) I am merely giving a straight forward and accurate account of the miracle of life etc, etc...

There are moments when I suddenly recall that I am pregnant, and then I experience brief panic and mild confusion (actually, huge confusion.) Other thoughts include: I really gotta shave; the hair on my legs may impede swift delivery of the baby. If I go downstairs for my purse and the mail, how will I get back up the stairs?

I think the boys are alright. They seem to be getting smart, and finding food. No. That's too indifferent. I should dedicate several paragraphs describing how much help they have been to me. Throughout the day they demonstrate their love and concern, and show me a great deal of tenderness. I don't think we'd ever considering inviting a Papaya in to our lives we didn't have such wonderful children already. They give us faith and hope and joy.

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